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The all in one solution to school
improvement & professional development

Ensures all teachers deliver consistent high quality lessons 

Improve student outcomes

Reduces staff turnover

What we offer

Elm Education is a British Educational Consultancy that offers online as well as in person support.

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    Consultancy & Training 

  • In person teacher professional development
  • Conference speaking
  • Curriculum, Assessment & Resource development
  • Policy development
  • School Inspections
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Online teacher training 

Setting The Standard the online professional development programme that improves student outcomes, develops quality of teaching, enhances staff moral and provides time, support & resources to your academic head.

Watch Setting The Standard

Setting The Standard
Where professional development meets school improvement

Why Choose Us

We offer high impact whole school professional development

We’ve been working in the UK, China and across the Middle East and North Africa for over 20 years. Elm Education offers online and in person training with real impact.

Easy to use 

Modern, easy to use platform designed to support you.

Evidence-based solutions 

All our services draw on the most effective research-based practices in education.

Supports you 

Set professional expectations of excellence in teaching, leading to improved student learning across your school.


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Monday - Sunday 9.00 - 18.00

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What others say about us

Setting the standard has helped me build an educational philosophy in all my teachers.

Trevor Hart

This course is amazing...thank you!

Jenna Karlis

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